Poster vid Institutionen för mediestudier, Stockholms universitet

fACT-medlem och førsteamanuensis vid avdeling for ledelse Anders Olof Larsson höll en den 8 december ett inbjudet seminarium vid Stockholms universitet, institutionen för mediestudier. Larsson föreläste utifrån sina pågående forskningsprojekt kring tidningars och läsares bruk av Facebook. Ett sammandrag av föreläsningen finns nedan.

Assessing ’the regulars’ – and beyond. A study of comments on Scandinavian newspaper Facebook Pages

While newspaper comment sections have become somewhat of an online staple, they also carry with them problematic issues relating to editorial control and the risk of hate speech. Increasingly, these tendencies have led many media actors to outsource their commenting to third-party platforms – such as Facebook. The paper at hand adopts an exploratory approach and provides insights into the fervency, popularity and reciprocity of commentators and comments on the Facebook Pages of two Swedish and two Norwegian newspapers. Results indicate that while immigration is a hot-button issue in both countries, the Swedish context appear appears as offering a wider range of opinions among the most fervent commentators in comparison with Norway. A similar tendency is found among the most ‘liked’ comments.